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Travel Moments: Tianna of The Passport Chronicles

New Dehli

Travel Moments:
Tianna of The Passport Chronicles

One of the best experiences I ever had was in India. When I got to New Dehli it was chaotic to say the least. Anyone who has ever been to India can understand, its crowded, dusty and loud. I thought maybe I won’t like India. Instead I fell in love with the chaos. One of the first days I was there I spent an afternoon at a Sikh temple. From the second we took off our shoes and crossed over the water I felt a spirituality I never had experienced before. My favorite moment came when we sat in the kitchen with a bunch of women who spoke no English but were so intrigued by me. They wanted to touch my hair and my clothing and were constantly smiling with me. Then I was invited to sit down and roll naan with them. It was a simple yet beautiful act. It made me feel connected with them and with the whole place. Cultural and lingual boundaries fell away and did not matter.

New Dehli India

About Tianna
My name is Tianna. I started travelling because other cultures fascinate me. I am a firm believer that if more people traveled and understood the differences in the world we would have less conflict. I went to school for journalism and took that and my love for travel and combined it. I live in Long Island, New York and work in digital strategy and social media for a local radio station.

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