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Travel Moments: Natalie and Rob of Love and Road

Dario & Nat - Boat Party

Dario & Nat at a Boat Party, Love and Road

Travel Moments:
Natalie and Rob of Love and Road

Our journey around the world started 8 months ago and our desire is to inspire people to travel better and more. But we never thought that our life story would impact so much in someone’s life until last August when we visited an old friend in Italy.

We met Dario last year in a music festival in Ukraine, and this year we visited him in Milan. After few drinks he invited us to stay more 2 days in Italy and go with him on a road trip.

Of course we accept the invitation. Those days were amazing! We took part in the Color Run, we went to a boat party, and shared great moments together. By the end of Sunday, Dario told us he was thinking about giving up his job to work on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. But he wasn’t sure about the decision he should make. Some weeks later he wrote us telling us the big news: in a few days he would be leaving Italy to become a sailor. And the best part was: He blamed us for that decision. He said our story and our courage to leave everything behind to pursue a dream inspired him to do the same. We felt so happy for him and at the same time so proud. Now I’m sure that the way we connect with other people can change our future and theirs. There is no better reward than that! Now Dario keeps sending us his pictures on the boat, on the captions: Dario – the sailor of the world!

Color Run - Italy

Color Run in Italy, Love and Road

About Natalie and Rob
Lovebirds travelling the world. Rob is a freak runner and Nat a nail polish addict. He needs to put some weight, she need to stop partying. In eight years of their relationship they discovered that together they can do amazing things. Now in their 30’s, they decided to sell everything and travel the world. In April this year they left Brazil with 2 backpacks, a bunch of dreams and few bucks. They are Love and Road: Budget Travellers » Bloggers » Sun Seekers.

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