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Travel Moments: Elaine of Family Travel Escapades

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On our recent family vacation to Great Britain, we took the high speed train from London to Edinburgh.  The train was comfortable, even in economy class, with plenty of room and large windows to view the countryside.  I cannot think of a better way to travel between these two great cities.

Kings Cross Station

London’s King’s Cross Station – Family Travel Escapades

Departing from King’s Cross Station, the train sped through the flatlands of eastern England’s farms and small towns.  Grain fields create a patchwork stretching to the horizon.  Herds of fluffy sheep dot the turf.

Passing through York into northern England, the route becomes more hilly.  The beautiful seacoast dramatically appears near Newcastle Upon Tyne.  The train follows close to the coast for the remainder of the trip.


Cliffs plummet to the sea – Family Travel Escapades

Views of the Firth of Forth create a stunning finale as you cruise into Edinburgh Waverly Station on the edge of New Town, overlooking Old Town.

Firth of Forth

Entering Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth – Family Travel Escapades

The high speed train from London to Edinburgh is not only a quick and comfortable mode of transportation, but it also gives a chance to gaze upon the British countryside.  For four hours, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery of rural England and the Scottish coast.  If traveling from London to Edinburgh, I highly recommend the high speed train.

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