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The Best of Breckenridge, Colorado

A well known part of Colorado’s ski country, Breckenridge, or Breck as the locals call it, is a mountain town you’ve probably heard of. But there’s a lot more to do in Breckenridge than just skiing. It’s packed with an interesting history, and no matter what season it is, Breck will keep you entertained! Established back in the 1850s, gold was found along the Blue…

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A Canadian Weekend in Québec City

It’s a magical place, Québec City. It’s like a trip to Europe without ever leaving North America. Its quaint city streets, Québécois culture, and traditional cuisine have all the charm and history you need without crossing the pond. Don’t worry about renting a car — it’s a walkable city and Uber is readily available for any trips further out of Old Quebec. The city is predominantly…

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Nepal Travel Tips for an Unforgettable Nepal Experience

Before my trip to Nepal, I scoured the internet searching for the very best Nepal travel tips, what I needed to know for my visit, and the best Nepal packing tips for women. Yet as I kept discovering, most of the information I was able to find was geared toward trekkers. But my trip was focused on the culture and wildlife of Nepal. There were…

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Why prAna is Exactly What’s Missing From Your Suitcase

I spend a lot of time on the road. Planes, cars, trains… you name it. Whatever it takes to get to my next destination. Through all these travels, dressing comfortably can make all the difference, especially when things don’t go as planned. After giving my new clothes from prAna a shot during the few weeks I spent traveling in Canada, it was instantly clear that I…

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Best Things to do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Although Belfast is less than half the size of Dublin, two thirds of the people of Northern Ireland live there. After suffering political violence during the Troubles, Belfast is now a peaceful city that is quickly growing and developing. With so many things to do in Belfast and the surrounding areas, now is a great time to bump Northern Ireland up on your travel list….

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The 3 Things All Harry Potter Fans Must Do In London

When in London…. do all the Harry Potter things! Don’t get me wrong, there are an abundance of things to do in London to really get to know the culture and history of this popular hub. For a Harry Potter fan like me, there is nothing better than escaping to the wizarding world to make the most of your time in London. Get started on…

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