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Travel Moments: Claudia and Pasquale


Travel Moments: Claudia and Pasquale

Sarajevo is absolutely one of the best cities we visited. Adorable people and magical atmosphere, there is no way to forget the moments we lived there. As usual, we reached the city by motorbike and it was pretty impossible to find our guesthouse. Google maps doesn’t help you in Sarajevo. But maybe it wasn’t a bad thing, because we had the possibility to discover how generous people can be even if they don’t speak a word of English.

In those days we went to the Tunnel Museum, one of the must-see places of the city. The tunnel was the only way during the war to reach the city safely and bring medicine, food and guns to the people inside. Thanks to it, hundreds of people survived. When we went there, there was a man near the entrance and he said that he could take our helmets outside during the visit. Then he looked at us and said: “ME…it’s me. I made this tunnel too. With my own hands.” His proud voice, the sadness at the bottom of his eyes really was one of the most impactful moments we had during that trip.


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