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Travel Moments: Kimberly of Tourism Exposed

Kimberly Tourism Exposed

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Travel Moments: Kimberly of Tourism Exposed

One of my most impactful travel moments was getting an extreme body massage in Shanghai, China. I was traveling through Beijing and Shanghai on a business trip and the day before I was to return to home, I wanted to get a massage. I was able to find a reputable place recommended by my hotel and soon as I walked into the place I was served tea and shown to a private room. I didn’t have to take any clothes off which I thought was weird but I had to admit I was a bit happy since I was by myself. A very dainty woman started to massage me and I thought to myself, I am going to take a nap (which is what I usually do whenever I get a relaxing massage).

There was no way I could’ve taken a nap during the massage. There was no relaxation involved. I had no idea that Chinese massages had a reputation for being painful. For an hour I mustered up all the strength I could to relax while not wincing in pain. When the massage was done, I was trying to rush out of there but then the woman took my arm, gave me a glass of water, looked straight into my eyes and then said to me “no work hard.” Even though I left the massage more sore than I started, what made it memorable to me was not only the pain of the massage but more than that, how sincere she said those three words to me, “no work hard.” I definitely returned home the next day really thinking about where I wanted to be in my career and what impact I wanted to make.

About Kimberly:
Kimberly Ramsawak is the founder of Tourism Exposed, an online community that helps students and career changers find their dream jobs in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. To get actionable tips on how to break into the industry in months instead of years, go here and get a free copy of her Quick Start Guide to Landing Your Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Dream Job.

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