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Tour Your Hometown: Sarah of Live, Dream, Discover

Live, Dream, Discover

Live, Dream, Discover

Tour Your Hometown:
Sarah of Live, Dream, Discover

1. For starters, where is your current hometown and how long have you lived there?
Well being that I am now a full time traveler I no longer have a permanent home base. However prior to becoming a nomad my hometown was the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. I lived there on and off from the age of 20-40.

2. For many people, travel is not always feasible or desirable all year round. How do you make the most of your hometown when you are not traveling?
Before I started traveling full time I made it a point to get out and explore my hometown and the surrounding areas. In other words I tried to be a tourist in my own town. I was lucky that Vancouver was a brilliant place in which to do this and I was able to explore the mountains, lakes and surrounding towns all year round.

3. What is the most creative technique you use to save up for your travels while you are at home?
I had (have) many techniques to save for my travels as traveling has always been my priority. When my friends were buying clothes and TV’s and new furniture I was using hand me downs and watching for sales. I only bought material things that I really needed and even then only if I could get a great deal.

Vancouver hometown

Live, Dream, Discover

4. What is the best part of your hometown that other visitors should know about?
It’s no secret that Vancouver has an abundance of natural beauty. You can literally go from the beach to the mountains in less than an hour. One of my favorite ways to explore the city in the summer is by bicycle. It’s especially great to cycle the entire seawall which takes you through numerous beaches and parks as well as past great restaurants and shops.

5. Finally, we can’t forget about the food! Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown and why?
Vancouver has an amazing amount of great restaurants with cuisine from all over the world so it’s tough for me to pick favorites. I would say that if you like sushi my hometown has some of the best in the world and of course being on the ocean it’s super fresh!

Live, Dream, Discover

Live, Dream, Discover

About Sarah
About mid way through life Sarah made a huge change and left a comfortable lifestyle and secure career in interior design behind in order to follow a dream of traveling and writing full time. Since then she has traveled to more than fifteen countries in less than two years and has no plans to stop anytime soon. She strives to live a balanced life of work, play and healthy living and is also on the lookout for the next adventure or exciting story. You can follow her journey through her travel blog Live Dream Discover.

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