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Tour Your Hometown: Nick of Blurred Moments

Wellington New Zealand

Blurred Moments


Tour Your Hometown: Nick of Blurred Moments

1. For starters, where is your current hometown and how long have you lived there?
My hometown is the capital of New Zealand, Wellington. I lived there for the first 26 years of my life before heading over to live and work in Australia for several years.

2. For many people, travel is not always feasible or desirable all year round. How do you make the most of your hometown when you are not traveling?
When I’m not traveling I love to get my surfboard out and head down to Lyall Bay Beach. The surf break is literally a stone’s throw from the airport. You can sit out in the water and watch planes come and go, wondering what destination they’re heading to or where they’ve just come from. Other than surfing I enjoy photography. Wellington with its close proximity to the ocean and hilly topography allows for some pretty spectacular and unpredictable weather (it’s known as the windy city) and great viewing areas high above the city itself. There are so many great walks around Wellington with amazing 360 degree views so on a sunny day I head out with a few friends and make the most of it.


Blurred Moments


3. What is the most creative technique you use to save up for your travels while you are at home?
I competed in a few speed-knitting competitions and not only did I sell the mittens and scarves I sped-knit but also used the prize money to invest in English bulldog puppies which I raised and sold to local gang members so who used them to protect their cannabis crops…some gangsters also bought mittens.Well that’s me trying to be creative but in reality there’s no substitute for self discipline and a good savings plan which was the method I employed. After many years of squirreling away everything we could, we are now spending our savings traveling the world for 15 months.

4. What is the best part of your hometown that other visitors should know about?
It’s a tough choice but I’d have to say the best thing about Wellington is the numerous walking tracks and variety in landscapes which are all within 10-20 minutes drive from the airport. The surrounding hills are just jam-packed with nature walks, all with spectacular views of the city and ocean. I’m not a coffee drinker but Wellington is known for its coffee/cafe scene which would also be a highlight for many.

Wellington Blurred Moments

Blurred Moments


5. Finally, we can’t forget about the food! Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown and why? 
My favourite place to eat is the Maranui Cafe which is situated in the Lyall Bay surf lifesaving club overlooking the surf and the airport. There’s such a laid back vibe there, the food is great and the views are second to none. It’s super popular amongst the locals and is always packed on a Sunday morning if the weather is good.

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