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Drinking Your Way Through Dublin

Jameson Distillery Dublin Ireland Tour

Ireland is commonly associated with drinking and its prominent pub culture. While the country does have the second highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world, pubs are also a common meeting place in the same way that cafes are in many other countries. Finding a pub won’t be hard in Dublin, Ireland’s capital, but aside from the many things to do in the city, there are some other activities outside of the pubs that will also give you the background on what you’re drinking and some Irish culture to top it off!

Guinness Storehouse Tour

What would a trip to Ireland be without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse? Learn about the history of this Irish beer and how it’s made as you take the self-guided tour through the Storehouse. One of my favorite parts of the tour comes at the end when you get to pour your very own pint of Guinness. You’ll be rewarded with a certificate afterwards for pouring the perfect pint. Of course, you get to enjoy the pint after pouring it, which is even better! To complete your tour, head up to the top floor’s Gravity Bar to enjoy more Guinness with a breathtaking panoramic view overlooking the city.

Guiness Dublin Ireland

Literary Pub Crawl

With such a strong literary history in Dublin, learning about the famous authors who made their mark on the city is a must during your visit. If that doesn’t sound all that exciting to you, there is no better way to learn about these literary legends than with professional actors and drinks! Join the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl to enjoy the stories of famous writers like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce while stopping at pubs where the authors would write at or just spend time with friends.

Old Jameson Distillery

We covered the Irish beer and literary history coupled with pub visits, so it only makes sense that Irish whiskey is next on the list! Expert guides at the Old Jameson Distillery will take you into the past through the story of John Jameson and how the Jameson Distillery began. Learn about how this premier Irish whiskey is made, along with a tasting and signature drink at the end. If you’ve worked up an appetite after the tour and tasting and are ready for a splurge on some delicious food, you can head over to the 3rd Still Restaurant looking out over the Old Jameson Distillery.

Old Jameson Distillery Dublin Ireland

I did all three of these in the same day during my first visit to Dublin, but I would suggest splitting them up with other Dublin activities unless you are strapped for time. Each of them makes drinking extra interesting, and you get to learn about Irish culture at the same time. Snag yourself a room from one of the many hotels in Dublin, secure your transportation, and start planning to drink your way through this historic Irish city!


  • Uros Grum
    March 19, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Well, they say a trip to Dublin (and frankly, a trip to Ireland) isn’t complete without a stop at the Guinness Brewery. 🙂


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