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Tour Your Hometown: Andrew and Brenda of Dish Our Town

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Dish Our Town


Tour Your Hometown:
Andrew and Brenda of Dish Our Town

1. For starters, where is your current hometown and how long have you lived there?
My current home is New York, New York; and I have lived here for 40+ years.

2. For many people, travel is not always feasible or desirable all year round. How do you make the most of your hometown when you are not traveling?
My hometown, fortunately is a melting pot of many cultures; along with that comes great food offerings from all over the world. Even if just for a minute, with food as the vehicle, we transport ourselves to many destinations all over the world.

3. What is the most creative technique you use to save up for your travels while you are at home?
If travel is that important to anybody, the costs should be absorbed in one’s general budget daily; just as you would for food, rent, utility bills. That way you never really feel it. You could even invoice yourself a certain amount a month and deposit that amount into a separate account, as if you were paying a bill.

4. What is the best part of your hometown that other visitors should know about?
Most people who travel to my hometown, New York City, already know the many things it has to offer. But if a visitor can carve our some time, they should visit enclaves like y neighborhood NoLita, where it’s more about vibe rather than which site to see next; not unlike that of the Left Bank of Paris.

Peasant Restaurant New York

Dish Our Town


5. Finally, we can’t forget about the food! Where is your favorite place to eat in your hometown and why?
Our favorite place to eat as a family, in our hometown, is Peasant Restaurant. Executive Chef and Owner, Frank Di Carlo, cooks everything open fire; meaning no temperature control. The outcome, is always very rustic and the quality of the product is the core. Best of all, because of this approach, you can order the same dish twice and it may vary in taste from one day to another. So in some ways, the dish you’re having that day is unique to itself.

Dish Our Town

Dish Our Town


About the Dish Our Town Family
Dish Our Town consists of three people, Andrew M. Tolentino (husband and father), Brenda Tolentino (wife and mother), and Bailey Tolentino (daughter).

Andrew grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, since his family emigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines at the age of 4. He studied in Boston College with a Bachelors in Psychology. His main occupation for 20+ years was in Luxury Goods, his tenure include working for venerable Fashion Houses such as Valentino and Roberto Cavalli. Andrew is currently working with his wife Brenda as the co-founder/head writer for “Dish Our Town,” a food and travel website.

Brenda had similar upbringing as Andrew, with immigrant parents and growing up in parts of New York since she was 11. She studied at NYU and Rhode Island College, with a B.A. in Business. Her main occupation in the past 20+ years was also in Luxury Goods, working for Fashion Houses such as Giorgio Armani and Etro. She resides with her husband and child in the NoLita neighborhood of New York City. She is the Founder of “Dish Our Town”.

Bailey is the 10-year-old daughter of Brenda and Andrew Tolentino. She is a native New Yorker. She loves music and humor. She is a contributing writer for “Dish Our Town”.

Lastly and most importantly, all three have a passion for Food and Travel; and love doing it together as a band of three.

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