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Travel Moments: Laura of An American Abroad

Sydney Australia

An American Abroad


Travel Moments: Laura of An American Abroad

The train came out of the tunnel into the bright light of day. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust and for me to figure out where I was. I craned my neck to look out into the harbor. I could feel my heart flutter, my stomach dropped a little bit. There it was. I had seen it a million times in photos. I had imagined hundreds of times what my life in Sydney would be like one day. And now here I was, taking the train to my first job interview seeing what could possibly be my daily commute and I couldn’t believe, in that moment, how incredibly lucky I was to be right where I was peeking out the window at the Sydney Opera House.

Laura American Abroad

An American Abroad


About Laura
Laura Bronner is an American girl addicted to life abroad. After graduating from college she set off on what was meant to be a year of travel. That was four years ago. Since then she has lived in New Zealand, Australia and now calls South Korea home. You can follow along with her experiences on An American AbroadTwitter and Facebook.

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