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Travel Moments: Irina of Are You Happy

Aarti for the Ganga River

Aarti for the Ganga River, Are You Happy

Travel Moments: Irina of Are You Happy

There are so many moments and people met on the road that imprint on a travelers soul. One of our special moments on the road was in Varanasi, India. We spent our first night in Varanasi taking part in the Aarti for the Ganga River. Aarti is a Hindu religious ritual of worship whereby followers express their humility and gratitude towards the Deity. The ritual involves candles being waived at the Deity, bells and devotional songs. We were surrounded by travelers just like us and by an impressive number of locals sitting on the shores and in boats and getting immersed into the ritual. The great vibe coming from all the people taking part in the Aarti, the devotional songs, the candles being waved in the night at the Ganga River and the entire ceremony was so emotional, so full of serenity, so touching that still, when we need a glimpse of peace we use this memory as our immediate happy place. This goes to show that there is nothing more important in life than experiences and opening your heart to the new and the unknown.

Varanasi India

Varanasi India, Are You Happy

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