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Travel Moments: Justin of True Nomads

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True Nomads

Travel Moments: Justin of True Nomads

I have been on the road constantly for 4 years now, and I still remember that prolific moment at the very beginning that started it all. I was living in Costa Rica, just taking a break from the world. I was in a bad mood because I knew I had to return to the rat race soon, and leave the life that made me more happy then ever. I was laying on my hammock on my porch watching the rain. All of the sudden a strong feeling came over me and told me that I don’t need to go home. I could just keep going and never live a normal life again. Right then a sloth swung lazily from my porch roof onto my balcony. He clung to the support beam not 6 feet away from me and stared at me. It was like he was telling me I had finally made a good decision. The rest is history.

Justin Carmack True Nomads

True Nomads

About Justin
Justin Carmack is a travel blogger, divemaster and over-all lover of freedom and adventure on the road. In 2010 he sold all his things and left home, traded his possessions for dreams. Dreams of traveling the world, getting lost, and living life free and to the fullest. He writes about his adventures on the road at True Nomads. Check out his guide to the 10 Best Beaches in Costa Rica for a Cheap Holiday!

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