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Willkommen in Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

After a long flight and finally getting through the airport, we made it to Frankfurt, Germany! We had plenty of time to venture into the city (12 hours- and that’s with our flight being delayed!). Figuring out the trains there was interesting, but eventually we made it. We walked around the city but were slightly limited by what we could do since many places do not take credit cards, and it also was a Sunday, meaning that many places are closed.

Frankfurt, Germany

We walked down to the river to walk across the bridge- Eiserner Steg (The Iron Footbridge). The bridge has hundreds of thousands of locks attached all along the bridge signifying love between the two people who locked it there.

EisernerSteg EisernerSteg

 There is an inscription written on the bridge in ancient Greek that is taken from Homer’s Odyssey. It translates roughly to “while sailing over the wine-dark sea to men of strange speech.” Having this inscription on the bridge is a symbol of peoples’ desires to cross waters and meet people from all different cultures and languages. It was very cool to think about how many different people have crossed the bridge and looked out over the river while walking across it.

Eiserner Steg

Homers Odyssey

Afterwards, we walked through some of the Christmas markets, ate lunch at a pizzeria, and then headed back to the airport to continue our travels to Africa.

German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets

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