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Day 1: Ireland

On May 15th I sat in O’Hare airport with the rest of the group awaiting the departure of our flight. I bought sleeping pills ahead of time because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jet lagged so I could make the most of my first day in Dublin. I was worried the first day would be a repeat of the terrible jet lag I had my first day arriving in Italy 5 years ago.

Shortly before boarding was to begin they announced that there was some trouble with the air conditioning on the plane so it would be a short delay. It ended up being over 2 hours. Funny thing was that I was relaxed as could be and the delay did not even phase me. This was only the start of the new mentality I gained during my trip- and we didn’t even leave the airport yet! I figured it was better that way anyway since it was closer to a normal time to go to bed, and I ended up sleeping much better than I probably would have if we left on time. And the best part… I had absolutely no jet lag!!

So needless to say, I already started off the trip on a great note. Because of the time difference, when we arrived in Dublin it was the morning of May 16th. Taking in the first glimpses of Dublin put me in awe- something you will soon notice was a common theme throughout my trip. After settling in at the hotel we ventured out to explore the city. Staying in the Temple Bar area there was no shortage of things to do. We grabbed some lunch and then walked around Dublin Castle. Next, we headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then ended our walking at St. Stephen’s Green.

Dublin Castle

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Green

After dinner and a little bit of shopping we decided to call it an early night and rest up for the long day we had ahead of us, which you can read all about tomorrow!

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