Versatile Blogger Award

versatileI am so honored to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by The Vintage Postcard. Writing about her passion for travel and adventure, the blog is very intriguing and always makes for an interesting read! It is definitely worth checking out if you are even remotely interested in traveling, or even if you are just interested in some great writing. The Versatile Blogger Award is a great way for fellow bloggers to engage with one another and recognize each other for their great work, and I am ecstatic to have been nominated. I highly suggest checking out some of the other great blogs that I have recommended below. You never know… you may find inspiration where you least expect it!

How to accept the award:

  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 10 fellow bloggers relatively new to blogging
  • Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award
  • Add the Versatile Award picture to your post

7 Facts About Me:

1. I am currently reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King

2. I love my basil plant like a pet

3. I have a major sweet tooth

4. I enjoy learning about the background of historical places

5. I have a slight obsession with all things Harry Potter

6. My favorite color is purple

7. I am always up for an adventure

My Nominations:

Books & Bruschetta

As I See It

Erin On Earth

Map Of Time | A Trip Into The Past

La Vie Boston

Linnea Goes To Europe

Bucket List Publications

The Quirkiness of the Urban Landscape

Unified Serenity

His & Her Scene

I hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as I did, and as always, don’t forget to appreciate the little things in life!
Little Matters,



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