Six Ways to Share Your Travel Memories with Friends and Family

Travel Memories

Travelling is wonderful. You never get tired of meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and seeing stunning, sometimes surprising, sights. The only drawback of travelling a lot is that you do not always get to spend as much time as you would like with friends and family. So, you need to stay in touch and share your travel experiences with them as much as possible. Here are a few suggestions to help you with doing this.

Set up and share a map of your travels

Plotting where you have been and where you are going to visit next on a map is a great idea. There are several websites that enable you to do this. You can give your friends and family access to your map. You can also share photos and notes as you go.

Most of these websites offer their users a free plan. But, naturally, how much space you have to work with is limited. So you may want to buy a physical map and use that to keep track of your past travels. You can find a very attractive world map wall print here. A set of map pins are included in the price.

Start your own blog

Setting up a blog is a great way to keep in touch and create a permanent record of your travels. Getting started need not cost you anything because there are plenty of free services available. Blogger is a good place to start. There are loads of tutorials so new blog-owners get plenty of support. Plus, you can potentially buy your domain name and create a proper website which you can use to make yourself a bit of extra travel money.

Stay active on social media

If you have social media accounts that your friends and family check regularly, try to post to those every few days. It need only be a photo or two and maybe a few lines about something special that happened.

Talk with family and friends frequently

However, bear in mind that there is no real substitute for a proper conversation. Set aside a couple of hours every week to call your friends and family. WhatsApp is great for this because it is free and you can also use it to video chat.

Create and send travel-themed photo gifts

If you are not going to be there for someone’s birthday or special anniversary, you will want to be able to send them a present. Photo gifts are great for this. You can upload a nice image onto the supplier’s site. The print company will then take that and print it out for you on a mug, phone cover, or something similar. You could even order a unique canvas print for your friend or family member. They will enjoy receiving a special, truly personal gift from you and be able to share one of your travel memories.

Ask them to join you

Inviting your loved ones to join you at some stage during your travels is a fantastic way to reconnect with them. Usually, all you need to do is to ask and give them enough notice. You will be pleasantly surprised by how often friends and families will say yes to an invitation like this.

So, there you have it, a few easy, fairly cheap ways to stay in touch with everyone and share your travel experiences.

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