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I am thrilled to annouce that I have been nominated by the talented Wanderlusters for the Explore the Elements travel photoblogging challenge. I was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be to dig through all of my photos and choose the perfect fit for each category. Since this past week marked my six months of living in Boulder, I felt that it was appropriate to highlight photos from the beautiful state of Colorado for this competition.


Earth - Explore the Elements

There is no better representation of earth than a Colorado mountain shot. The gravity present when hiking the Flatirons draws me closer to the solid ground of the earth.


Air - Explore the Elements

This shot was captured when I was out early one morning walking a dog I was watching at the time. The billowing magenta and deep purple clouds expanded across the sky as if they were protecting the ground below.


Water - Explore the Elements

It wouldn’t be a complete collection of photos from Colorado without a ski photo! This one in particular is from Copper Mountain. Weaving in and out of other people as you glide along the soft powder beneath your skis is the perfect representation of free flowing water, adapting to the conditions and other skiers and snowboarders around you.


Fire - Explore the Elements

Road trips through Colorado always involve breathtaking scenery. This shot was taken on the way to Estes Park for Elk Fest. The open road represents the energy and movement that is present in fire’s hot flames.


Justin and Lauren from Justin Plus Lauren

Anda from Travel Notes and Beyond

Lies from Non Stop Destination

Andreja from Adventurous Journeys

Nancy from Aperture of My Soul

Be sure to check out the official competition page for details on the rules for entry and to confirm that you are eligible. Good luck!

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