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Travel Moments: Kach and Jonathan of Two Monkeys Travel

North Vietnam Scenery

Two Monkeys Travel

Travel Moments:
Kach and Jonathan of Two Monkeys Travel

North Vietnam – A Moment of Kindness: About halfway through our motorcycle journey across North Vietnam we found ourselves breaking our only golden rule – Don’t ride at night! With a headlight that barely illuminated our damaged front wheel we couldn’t see where tarmac turned to rocks and mud pits – progress slowed to a crawl. And then came the dogs; about five wild dogs started chasing and I was forced to accelerate and swerve blindly while they tried to bite our legs. Thankfully the road became smooth again and we could outrun them. But this was enough for Kach, who was tired, scared and crying. Right at that moment, I spotted the only lights we’d seen for hours and pulled the bike up outside a small house. A middle-aged Vietnamese woman looked at us, puzzled, but ushered us inside. After some trà (tea), some food and lots of sign language, their eldest son and three of his friends formed a convoy of bikes to lead us further down the mountain to the next town where we were amazed to find an actual hotel, with comfortable beds and hot showers!

The thing that sticks with me the most about this incredible journey are the moments of kindness, generosity and genuine caring we experienced, of which this was just one of many.

North Vietnam - Kind Family Tea

Two Monkeys Travel

About Kach and Jonathan: 
Kach Mu and Jonathan Howe are the working-on-the-road couple behind twomonkeystravelgroup.com. They are both certified Tantra Yoga Teachers, Ayurveda Massage Therapists and TEFL Certified Teachers – working wherever and whenever they want! Travelling status: 18 months of on the road and currently based in Arequipa, Peru… Their next major travel goal- Antarctica via Argentina!

Check out the best of Kach and Jonathan’s hometown in The Cotswolds, south England!

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