Best Places to Hike and Camp in Scotland

Ben Nevis

Scotland is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, and features a vast variety of topography, from rolling farmland to mountain ranges, and coastal beaches to its famous lochs. With its range of Munros that feature the UK’s tallest peak, as well as the country’s largest forest National Park, this is truly a landscape to explore. If you’re looking to head north of Hadrian’s Wall to discover some of the UK’s best countryside and wild landscape, pack your bags with all the right gear and visit these camping and hiking destinations.

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis the tallest of the Scottish Munros as well as the tallest peak in all of the UK standing at 1,344 meters above sea level. This is definitely a mountain that all that trekkers should have on their bucket list.

Ben Nevis

The Cape Wrath Trail

The Cape Wrath Trail is an epic long distance journey from the town of Fort William to the most north-western point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath, and passes through some of Scotland’s most scenic landscapes, including lochs, glens, and plenty of mountains. The route can be split up into multiple legs, but if you’re attempting to take on the whole of the trail, you’re best advised to have lots of camping and long-distance trekking experience.

The East Highland Way

The East Highland Way stretches over approximately 134km, and though it is an unofficial walk between Fort William and Aviemore, it is one of the country’s best. The route is not a terribly difficult one, but it is unmarked for long stretches, so you should travel with someone who has completed it before. Alternatively, you should have experience in orienteering.

East Highland Way

The Skye Trail

There are few places in the world that are home to the type of landscape and magical atmosphere that can be found on Scotland’s famed Isle of Skye. This route follows the amazing Trotternish Ridge, and passes above steep coastal cliffs, and relics from the Highland Clearances.

The Three Lochs Way

While it might not be the longest walk that Scotland has to offer, the Three Lochs Way is nothing short of a stunning trek through the green hills overlooking the famed waters of Scotland’s lochs. If you’re looking for a tough but fair trek, the four stages of the Three Lochs Way will deliver you exactly what you want.

There are plenty of fantastic hikes, treks, mountain routes, and campsites to discover in Scotland. A single trip will in no way be enough.

Images by firesock and Bods, used under Creative Commons license.  


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