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Making Trip Planning a Breeze With Centrigo

Making Travel Planning a Breeze With Centrigo

“Where to next?” It’s mount question that crosses my mind on a regular basis. I get all giddy thinking about upcoming travel plans. For some people, all the research and coordination may seem like torture. For me, having the chance to plan my own trip is like getting to have my cake and eat it too.

When one trip is planned, all I can think about is making plans for the next destination. I’ve used all kinds of tools to help keep my plans organized, but the problem is that those tools were not meant for trip planning purposes. I was trying to turn project management tools into something they were not.

A lot of planning went into my most recent trip to Croatia, including visits to Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and more. It turned out to be a success, but outlining all the details and sharing them with the rest of my family who I was traveling with got pretty tedious.

As soon as I found out about Centrigo, my curiosity piqued. Finally, there was a platform that I could use to easily plan my trips, find inspiration, share plans with my travel companions, and even save me a lot of the time I usually spend researching.

A Journey of 1000 Miles Starts With a Single Click - Centrigo

Introducing Centrigo!

How Centrigo Works

Centrigo makes it easy to pull together your entire itinerary, find trip inspiration, and get help from other travel experts — all in one platform that can be shared with others. If you want to leave the hard work to someone else, you can consult directly with your own personal travel experts (like me!) directly through Centrigo. For those who want to dig in on their own, start by creating a new trip and selecting your destination. Once you’ve given your trip a title and date, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and begin!

For an in depth overview of Centrigo and all of its fabulous features, watch this introductory video

Centrigo Trip Planning

Creating a trip on Centrigo

Search for attractions, restaurants, museums, etc. and select any that you want to add. When you select a listing, it will automatically show you the hours, the price from 1 to 4 dollar signs, ratings and reviews from all major platforms like Foursquare and TripAdvisor for you to compare, and a direct link to the website (and menu if it’s a restaurant).

You can even leave comments for your travel companions to view, or write a recommendation if it is someplace you’ve been before. Can’t find the place you were looking for? Not a problem! You can also add your own custom places to your itinerary.

Centrigo - Pasta Jays Trip Itinerary

Example of restaurant details all within the Centrigo platform

Adding comments to Centrigo trip plan

Leaving a comment

Making trip recommendations on Centrigo

Making recommendations

If you’re searching for more inspiration, you can find it right within Centrigo. Browse through trips that have already been created by others, and use that trip as the foundation for your plans or add places that interest you from their trip plan to your own.

Centrigo Travel Inspiration

Find your travel inspiration!

Once you finalize everything you want to include in your trip, you can preview your itinerary alongside a map view — an easy way to see if you need to move some activities around when location is an important factor. From here you can also share your trip or even export it as a PDF for offline access.

Centrigo Travel Planning - Preview Trip

Trip preview

If you dread the thought of planning all these details, or you just want to leave the plans to someone else so you can sit back and enjoy, consult with Centrigo’s travel experts to help you plan your ideal trip!

For the Travel Experts

Have your own blog or website? You can embed your trip as an additional resource for your readers, as I have done below. This is the perfect way to provide them with a simple visual overview of the trip!

You can also serve as a personal travel consultant to offer recommendations and even use Centrigo as a new income source by building full itineraries for travelers. Find out more about how you can be paid for your travel expertiseIf you have yet to sign up and want to be considered as a Centrigo Travel Expert, sign up here for early access! 

Remember to start creating trips right away so other travelers can find you through your existing trips when they are doing their travel research. To complete the setup process, make sure your profile information is complete, including your custom background photo and personal links.

I am saving myself an incredible amount of time with Centrigo. For solo trips, and especially when traveling with a group, I can’t bear to think about my sloth-like ways when trip planning in the past. What will you do with all that extra time? I think I’ll plan another trip!

Get started now as a Centrigo user, and make sure to keep up-to-date with their latest happenings by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

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Making Trip Planning a Breeze With Centrigo

This post was sponsored by Centrigo. All opinions are my own. If you have any questions about the companies or products mentioned on this page, please reach out to me and I will happily answer them. 

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