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If you’ve traveled before, I’m sure you know the feeling you get from those cultural artifacts you pick up along your international journey. There is something so meaningful about an item that is handmade or that serves as an important cultural symbol. So what to do when you’re seeking a small piece of the world, but you’re stuck at home and not out on an exciting travel adventure? That’s where World Market comes in!

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I’ve written before about my obsession with lists. World Market is another slight obsession, although it’s a lot more harsh on my bank account. First, let me give you a little history. My first experience with World Market was in May 2014. I was in San Diego at the NAFSA conference when my colleague and I had about an hour to kill before a dinner meeting. We were strolling along the streets of San Diego’s Gas Lamp District when we stumbled upon an intriguing store. This store, of course, was World Market. We walked inside and felt like kids in a candy shop.World Market Wall Decor

I was immediately drawn to the Wall Art and Decor section. There is just something about “wall accessories” that always catches my attention, even though I do not have nearly enough walls to really make use of many of these items. Nonetheless, I cannot help looking at them and being reminded of different countries and sites around the world.

As I pulled myself away, I moved on towards the back of the store and came across the furniture section. I wanted it all! Although I was definitely not in need of any furniture, each piece seemed like it had a story to tell.

World Market Furniture

And then there was food. International food! Spices and biscuits and pastas and more… being a foodie, I was in heaven! To add on to that, they have an entire kitchen section, that again, made me want to buy a whole bunch of nifty items.

Needless to say, we did not make it on time to our dinner meeting. Luckily, they appreciated the goodies we had bought and our new World Market discovery!

World Market has provided a fun way for me to feed my travel desire in the short term, and it inspires me to continue to travel in the long term. Their international network of individual and regional artisans create products that are uniquely irresistible. Check it out, and let World Market fuel your wanderlust just as it has fueled mine!


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