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Venturing Out to a “Smaller” Side of London

Camden Market London

The special little things are all around London if you take a closer look. Sometimes being in a big city can blind us from seeing the small treasures that are right in front of us. When traveling through London, there are so many intriguing small neighborhoods to explore that you might not see listed in your guide to the most popular sites in the city. These villages are where the real magic happens. They are the best places to go to get a closer look at what being a local means in London, and where you can find all kinds of experiences not listed in your guidebook. There is a neighborhood in London for everyone, even for picky travelers!


If the urban and artsy scenes are your jam, you’ll want Shoreditch first on your list of London neighborhoods to visit. This inner city district mixes spunk with grit, with empty walls transformed into canvases of graffiti and trendy cafés and restaurants lining the streets. After dark, the neighborhood comes alive as bars and clubs like the quirky Bedroom Bar open their doors to the night owls.


If a neighborhood on the classier end of the spectrum is more your style, make Kensington your next stop. This luxurious part of town sits right next to the well-known Kensington Palace and boasts luscious outdoor areas like Hyde Park and Holland Park. Even if your wallet isn’t overflowing with cash, enjoying a walk among the beauty and glamor of Kensington is worth the visit.

Hyde Park London England

Hyde Park – Photo by Marissa Sutera


Escape the bustle of central London and stroll through the adorable boutiques or take a dip in one of the swimming ponds in Hampstead. The classic pubs and cafés in this neighborhood offer a refreshing combination of old meeting new, which likely contributes to it being one of the wealthiest sections of the city.


As you might expect, Greenwich is brimming with green spaces. Enjoy the scenery and have a picnic at Greenwich Park, or you take a city cruise along the River Thames. For something different from the norm, stand on the world-famous Greenwich Meridian Line, which divides the eastern and western hemispheres of the earth. With plenty to do both indoors and out, Greenwich is a welcoming family friendly part of town!

Camden Town

This neighborhood is known as the heart of alternative culture in London, with a vibrant live music scene and performances ranging from punk to jazz to hippie. Originally known as Buck Street, Camden Market is another highlight of Camden Town, where vendors sell their clothing, jewelry, and more.

Camden Market London

Camden Market – Photo by Marissa Sutera

Complete your trip with the perfect hotel in London, no matter which neighborhood might be your favorite. With public transportation so easy to use in London, departing from your centrally located hotel is an incredible way to discover the little things around the city. Venturing outside of central London will show you how each neighborhood’s unique charm contributes to making London the interesting and well-known destination it is today.

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