Namibia Night Sky - Getting Stamped
Namibia Night Sky - GettingStamped

Namibia Night Sky – Getting Stamped

Travel Moments:
Hannah and Adam of Getting Stamped

The moment in our travels where the little things were some of the most memorable came when we were camping under the stars in Africa. The night sky is something we never really paid attention to at home, but when we’re traveling it’s one of those little things we look forward to. There is something extra special about seeing them in Africa just before you jump into your tent for the night.

Botswana Camping - GettingStamped

Botswana Night Sky – Getting Stamped

Last summer we found ourselves in some far flung corners of Africa with next to no light pollution and I am pretty sure you could see every star. Luckily we packed the right gear for Africa which included our tripod to take some amazing star photos. Our entire overland group gather to watch the stars and build a great campfire. These are some of the memories that will stick with me for many years about our travels through Africa.

Botswana Night Sky - GettingStamped

Botswana Night Sky – Getting Stamped

About Hannah and Adam
Hannah & Adam kicked their corporate jobs to the curb and said good-bye to the “American Dream” in June 2013 and have been “Getting Stamped” across the world ever since!  They have traveled to 6 continents, stamped in 49 countries, slept in 200+ beds, and made countless memories.

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