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The Dark Knight Rises: Darker Than Expected

I haven’t blogged at all since I finished up talking about my trip abroad. I’ve just been so busy that I kept putting it off and decided it could wait until another time. Well today I decided that my “busy” life could be put on hold to remember the lives that were lost during the Aurora theater shooting. By now I’m sure we’ve all heard about the horrific theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado that occurred during the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” This act has affected the lives of people all across the country and it is all over the news. How could one man create so much chaos and despair? I think there is something more we can take from this senseless act.

Violence and corruption constantly happens all over the world. Some situations are much worse than others, such as this one. It is awful that sometimes it takes death and sadness to bring people together. It doesn’t matter if they are strangers or where they come from. Even though the victims are never forgotten, after a while things start to die down. People go back to their normal routine and try and get on with their lives. I hope this shooting can be something even more than that. The people whose lives were taken should be remembered as a sign of uniting people together not just now, but far into the future, and serve as a constant reminder that life should never be taken for granted.

Jessica Redfield is one victim whose message is spreading like wildfire throughout the country. It unfortunately took this terrible act of violence, but her words are ringing in everyone’s ears: “Every second of every day is a gift.” (Quoted from her blog post that can be seen below or if you click on her name above). She is an inspiration to millions of living life to the fullest and appreciating what a great blessing it is to be here on earth.

Yes, this blog is supposed to be about the little things in life. But this is not little. This is something huge that will always be with us. The little thing is that all it took was one person to inflict this much hurt on numerous people and take so many innocent lives. No one will ever know what went through the mind of James Holmes that fateful night. But one thing is for sure- this is a tragedy that will be remembered forever. Let’s not let the innocent victims be forgotten. They are a symbol of how much more we can be as people on this earth, never knowing when life can be cut short.

My prayers go out to all those affected by this awful crime. I hope it can bring some comfort to the families to know that their loved ones will be forever in the hearts of people across the country, and I hope that through them something good can come out of this evil.

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