Postcard From 1952

Explosions In The Sky- Postcard From 1952

Explosions in the Sky is an amazing band, and this song in particular is very moving. This video really made me appreciate the little things more than usual. You can see how fast we all grow up, how things change from generation to generation, how time just passes before your eyes so quickly. Our world is moving so fast and this video made me stop and think about how important it is to make every second count. Take in every moment and every memory and make it worthwhile. Appreciate the moment you are in and engrave it in your mind because one day you are going to look back and think about your life as a series of moments. Did you make each and every moment count? Sometimes things may seem insignificant at the time. But never take any part of your life for granted because you never know when you are going to wish for that moment to come again.

Things can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t let life pass you by- the little moments are still important. After all, the little things are what the big things are made of.

Little Matters,


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