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Tuesday morning, up bright and early! It’s our first full day and we are heading to the schools to teach. Kristen and I were placed at Zambezi Sawmills Community School along with 3 other volunteers. The school provides education and a safe environment for children who have been found living on the street, although the building is very run down. The school has 2 rooms with windows, most of which have the glass broken out of them. There is a tin roof that leaks when it’s raining outside. It is a community school that does not have a wall built around it, so many kids in the area all want to come inside.

Zambezi Sawmills School

Zambezi Sawmills Community School

Since the kids are on break from school they have Holiday Club, so we plan entire lessons for the day from 8-11 am. The first day we watched Su and Aleise teach, since they had been volunteering longer. Because of there being no wall around the school, we usually ended up with 60 to 70 kids every day. They ranged from ages 2 to 14, and many times there are even babies because the older siblings usually have to take care of the younger siblings so they bring them to school with them.

View outside the school

View outside the school

The first day was such a struggle for me because it was all so heartbreaking. Seeing the rugged and dirty conditions the people live in, the children that are hungry and in old ripped clothing, and the poor quality of the schools was very hard to take in. At the same time, it was so thrilling to see how excited the kids were to go to school and how eager they are to learn.


After our morning teaching we have a break for lunch, which is prepared for us at the volunteer house, and then in the afternoon we had a Holiday Club preparation day. We planned our lessons for the rest of the week and then had the remainder of the evening to relax!

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