Your Ticket to Kind Travelling: #HappinessInYourHands

Are you like me, always looking for ways to do good and give back when I travel? Do you wish there was a simple way to make an impact when traveling? Don’t you think it would be amazing to know you made a person or community better off than before?

In the spirit of #littleBIGthings, a campaign focused on the idea that traveling can be a driver for change, and that even the little things make a big difference, check out The Good Cards game, a fresh and innovative project for doing good when you travel.

What is The Good Cards game?

It is a game that is happening in real life to inspire people to ‘Pay it Forward’ and do good deeds for others. Whether you’re in your local community or abroad in a new city, it’s a unique way to get engaged in doing acts of kindness for others. Now you can easily find ways to give back and connect with the communities where you are travelling.

The Good Cards Game

Go to the website on the back of the card, and download The Good Cards app.
Scan the QR code on the back of the card in the app to start playing.

How does it work?

You get a Good Card and scan it in a mobile app. You receive a mission to do something good for somebody else and pass the card, secretly and anonymously. The next person gets the card through your good deed, and they receive a mission of their own to pay it forward. Yet, the coolest part is, as the card travels from hand to hand you are able to track it and read the chain reaction of kindness that happened with YOUR card.

To build on that chain reaction, the cards also include multiple missions with different good deed challenges for you to perform. These missions could be buying an anonymous coffee and asking the cashier to pass on the Good Card, or even creating a care package and anonymously sending it to someone who could use a little gift. As you complete each mission you unlock the next one where you scan a new Good Card and start another chain reaction.

The Good Cards World Map

Track your card in the mobile app as it creates a chain reaction of good deeds all over the world.

There are 12 missions overall, each mission with a different focus. As you complete each mission the good deed gets larger, amplifying the impact.

The cards are travelling the globe now and have already impacted people in 17 countries all over the world like Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Indonesia, and Portugal. Each small story contributes to the big picture of good spreading around the world, and these stories will continue to flourish, especially when travelers like you get involved.

The Good Cards is a great example of #littleBIGthings that we can’t let go unseen. No matter how small the act of kindness is, no matter if it only impacts one person or not, this is our chance to really be a driver for change and to use travel for social good all over the world.

The Good Cards Social Impact

Each pinpoint represents a good deed and each line symbolizes a card traveling from one place to another. The Good Cards runs on Android & iOS devices (this is why you see two different maps).

I want a card!

Right now is the perfect time to get involved as The Good Cards is launching a campaign and doing a Indiegogo so people can get good cards and other neat wearables for joining in spreading happiness and making an impact in communities as you travel.

If you want to know more about what we are up to, check out The Good Cards website. We’d love to chat and hear your amazing ideas for missions to do when you travel with a Good Card. Feel free to shoot us an email at contact@thegoodcards.com, you’ll be happy you did.

The Good Box - Kind Travelling

This is The Good Box. It includes everything to play The Good Cards game to the fullest:
3 Good Cards and a Special Mission Wristband to play level 1, plus limited edition Dreamer Glasses with a custom mission attached.

Let’s create a movement of doing good while we travel, whether it’s at home or abroad. A movement of giving back and connecting with community. A movement where it’s about the #littleBIGthings. Let’s do good and help make this world a better place by having fun and playing The Good Cards game.

About the Author

Corey Harnish is a Dreamer & Humanitarian at heart and is committed to making a positive social impact in this world. Currently serving as COO at Better World International, Corey is deeply interested in community initiatives as he is an AmeriCorps VISTA Alumni, and Honorary Rotarian with Rotary International. You can find him traveling to new places, helping those in need, or just sharing a smile to brighten someone’s day.


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Your Ticket to Kind Travelling - The Good Cards


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