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Travel Moments: Shannon of SoleSeeking

Shannon SoleSeeking


Travel Moments: Shannon of SoleSeeking

One night in Skógar, Iceland, I was sharing a hostel dorm with a Chinese family. Three generations were present – the grandma, parents and the young child. The grandmother watched me admiringly as I brushed my hair in the mirror. The parents nodded a shy ‘hello’ at me. The little girl stared at me curiously as I re-filled my backpack.

In the morning, I waved goodbye to the family and wished them a good trip, before my thoughts turned elsewhere as I went to catch my coach. I was travelling to Vestmannaeyjar, and had to catch another bus and then a ferry. It was a new day that I assumed would reveal new faces.

Inside the ferry terminal, I read my guidebook whilst waiting. Then I looked up and recognised the grandma from the Chinese family sat opposite to the left. Upon noticing me, her face lit up and she waved excitedly, before prodding her daughter and pointing to me. The mum also beamed with delight. Seeing them again so unexpectedly and with that reaction put a huge smile on my face.

I never saw the family again, but that little moment started off my day in Vestmannaeyjar really nicely.

About Shannon
I am a 22 year old Brit predominantly based in London. Currently, I’m continuing to make the most of my post-university freedom by working in Switzerland as an au pair, slowly but surely consuming all the nation’s chocolate. For thoughtful discussions about travel-related issues, themes and experiences, head to http://soleseeking.com.

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