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Travel Moments: Sandra and Dhanish of Tripper

Sandra and Dhanish Tripper

Travel Moments: Sandra and Dhanish of Tripper

I believe no one is one dimensional, it’s just that some of the sides may be numb. Until you travel. Travel has to speak to all your senses, question your beliefs, rock your boat. Otherwise you’re not really traveling, just moving around from one place to the other. I’ve had two breakthrough moments while traveling in 2013 that made me change the course of my life: a talk with my son by the Tiber in Rome made me realise how unhappy I was with my job and how that was truly affecting both our lives and my acute pharyngitis in Bangkok that kept us stuck inside the hotel for a week made me realise I’d be with Dhanish for better and for worse. Those changes were only possible because I was out of my comfort zone and when you are out of your comfort zone (be it your culture, your house, your country) you are exposed, there is nowhere to run to or to hide. You are no longer numb and you have two choices: stay the same or make a move. (Besides if I had not made the move I’m pretty sure my seventeen year-old me would travel in time just to kick me in the butt!)

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About Sandra and Dhanish
Sandra is from the Azores, Portugal and is the fiery aspiring travel writer, who writes most of the content for Tripper, answers all comments, and juggles a big part of the social media accounts. Dhanish is from Ahmedabad, India and is the grounded patient UX/UI designer, who takes most of the photographs, makes sure everything looks neat, and is healthily obsessed with the little design details that will make your visit to our blog the most pleasant. Tripper, as a brand, is fueled by a slow travel concept: your own pace and perspective, respecting the culture and the people around you. They are sharing their travel stories on the blog, working on an eBook and designing and developing a mobile travel app.

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  • Sandra
    December 9, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Loved to be a part of this Marissa! Thank you for featuring us!!

    • Marissa Sutera
      December 9, 2014 at 10:37 pm

      It was great having you join in, thanks Sandra!


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