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Why Little Things?

Something spectacular happens when you start paying attention to the details. Have you ever noticed that? It’s like time slows down, and each moment is savored as you soak in the world around you. Feel the smooth green grass between your toes, smell the freshly baked bread from the nearby bakery, listen to the sound of the light breeze, and observe the shadow cast by a single cloud off in the distance.

Many times, this is easier said than done. It comes more naturally while traveling and exposing yourself to a new place, but it’s much more difficult when going through your daily routine at home. Appreciating the little things means you need to enter a state of mindfulness, something that can be difficult at first but will become easier over time with continued practice.

My challenge to you is to appreciate the little things both at home and abroad. 

This site will serve as a reminder for you to always appreciate the little things no matter where in the world you are, while also sharing plenty of tips, guidance, and stories along the way!

About Me

I’m Marissa, a twenty something travel blogger, adventure seeker, and fitness enthusiast.
Chicago is my home base. 
Running, biking, and hiking are my coffee.
I struggle to put down a good book.
I like cooking, but I love baking.
Next destination? Somewhere in South America please!
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