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Shake Up Your Perspective

Reality can differ from person to person. That reality is all about each individual’s perspective. How you view the world can shape your opinions and beliefs and determine what you see as reality. This TED Talks video is a short talk, but it conveys an important message that really struck me. Raghava makes it clear that his religion knows no barriers. And he aims for the same with the children’s books for iPad that he creates. By simply giving the iPad a shake, the parents of the child in the story can change from a lesbian to gay to straight couple. Raghava believes in not limiting children to one single “bias,” and rather teaching them multiple biases in which the world is viewed.

“Teaching perspectives is the best way to teach creativity.”

He goes on to say that by teaching perspectives, kids will be able to put themselves in the shoes of someone who is different from them even at an early age. Misunderstandings tend to occur because of differing perspectives. If we understand how to acknowledge the viewpoints of others (even if we do not necessarily agree with them), we can transcend boundaries and get much more out of our experiences internationally as well as right in our own hometowns.

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