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Pandemic Gifts for Stationary Travelers in 2021

Gift boxes stacked with a bow on top and tag that reads "just for you"

While 2021 may not be the year for travel, travelers haven’t stopped loving and yearning for travel! Even when we’re not on the road, there are plenty of travel-inspired goodies that can be enjoyed right at home. These pandemic gifts for stationary travelers will keep the travel-lover in your life dreaming of those future trips.

Push Pin Travel Map

Prices starting at $159.99

Push Pin Travel Map Wall Art

Yet another year of Push Pin Travel Maps securing the top of my list. I thought I liked maps before, but I seem to have grown even more fond of them now that travel is limited. My map is hanging in my living room and seeing all the places I’ve been brings me such beautiful memories, but seeing the places I still want to visit also brings me hope for the future of travel. They have a ton of different options to personalize your map and really make it your own. If you are looking for the perfect pandemic gift for the traveler in your life, this is it!

Read my full review for more details on why every traveler needs a Push Pin Travel Map.

Wanderful Membership

Starting at $9/month

If you’ve are wondering what I’ve been doing since COVID hit, I spend much of my days inside the Wanderful member portal. It’s a great way to connect with other travel loving women right away, even if you’re not traveling at the moment. There are virtual member events happening in the portal nearly every day, and members have access to exclusive benefits such as members-only discounts, access to other travel experts and coaching sessions, as well as an on-demand content library with the recordings from all past events. Sign up for a Wanderful membership or gift one (gift cards are available!) to the travel-loving woman in your life and she will thank you later. Drop me a message in the portal to say hello if you join!

Yosemite-Themed Date Night Box


What if I told you you could travel to Yosemite for your next date night, without having to leave your home? This Yosemite-themed date night box will transport you on an adventure to California where you can discover the beauty of this national park alongside your partner. The box is jam-packed will all kinds of fun activities to fill up an exciting date night. And you might end up learning a new thing or two along the way — not just about Yosemite, but about each other too!

Ooni Fyra PelletBurning Pizza Oven


Pellet burning pizza oven outdoors on camping trip, one of many great pandemic gifts for stationary travelers

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home this year, so why not treat yourself or the travel lover in your life to this pellet-burning pizza oven? It runs on energy-efficient, sustainably-sourced Ooni wood pellets, so it’s the perfect way to bring the flavors of a fresh, wood-fired Italian pizza right to your own backyard. The oven is only 22 pounds (10 kg) so it’s also portable if you want to take it along with you on your road trip or camping excursion.

Engraved Map Glassware

Starting at $16

Bring your favorite destination right to your kitchen with this beautiful engraved map glassware. Well Told products feature different cities and countries around the world, US states, geographic topography, and even astrology. For every purchase, Well Told gives back to support their partners in an effort to create a more sustainable planet. They have everything from wine and whiskey glasses to flasks to cutting boards, and so much more. I am obsessed with my Boulder rocks glass set, it takes me back to when I lived in Colorado. Plus, they make for a great conversation piece. What better way to showcase your favorite places, especially when we’re spending all our time at home!

Reset Travel Exchange Gift Boxes

Starting at £14.99

Vietnam gift box with coffee supplies set on a blue background

These travel exchange gift boxes are custom made to help bring the world to your home while also supporting small travel business that were hit by COVID. They partner with a different travel business in a different destination each month to bring you notes, stories, artwork, and gifts from the places we haven’t been able to visit this year. Buy yours soon as they sell out fast and they make everything to order so it will take some time to ship!

Waypoint Candles

Starting at $28

Three white candles with lids that read Paris, Havana, and Denver.

Have you ever experienced that feeling when a smell completely stops you in your tracks and takes you back to a different time and place? It’s incredible how a smell can trigger a memory out of nowhere. These Waypoint Candles will transport you around the world, no passport required! Plus, they make for beautiful jars that you can repurpose after the candle is used.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Travelers Gift Guide

I used to be a diehard paperback lover, but since I have converted to the Kindle world I haven’t looked back. The best part about my Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is how much smaller and lighter it is than carrying around one or more books while traveling. I even bring this with me locally sometimes too, like if I know I’m going to have to wait a while at the doctor’s office. Having my Kindle with me is so much better than doomscrolling on my phone! Plus, the Kindle battery life is incredibly long.

Epimonía Bracelets


Four bracelets (red, orange, blue, and black) with silver clasp sitting on beige brick outside with water in the background. Good pandemic gifts for stationary travelers!

Started by a Somali-American entrepreneur and former refugee from Kenya, Epimonía donates 50% of all its profits to refugees communities in the United States to provide them with educational opportunities and job trainings. Each bracelet is handmade by refugees in Minnesota and made with recycled life-vest worn by refugees during their dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. Show your support to the millions of refugees, stand in solidarity with them, and help raise awareness about the refugee crisis with these bracelets.

Sustainable Travel Store Come Back To Travel Accessory Gift Box

$55 (other gift boxes & items vary)

Travel accessory gift box

This Come Back to Travel gift box was made for those anxiously awaiting their return to travel! The set includes a beautiful luggage tag handmade in Sololá, Guatemala, a set of reflective zipper pulls, and a 9-piece reusable carry-on travel set with recycled containers. The store has tons of other sustainable travel products for you to explore as well, plus a bunch of other adorable gift boxes perfect for the holidays!

Local Keeps

Gift assortment of barbeque items like gormet salt, salsa, hot sauce, and a spicy olive oil set against a pink backdrop.

Bring Costa Rica to you and support local artisans at the same time! Local Keeps sells all sorts of curated items like health and beauty products, books, food, and more. Most of their makers are small companies and artisans in Costa Rica who are interviewed and vetted by Local Keeps to ensure they are not only creating high quality products but that they are also giving back to their communities and using eco-friendly production and packaging processes.

Lakewood in Pine Bark Ankle Boots

$ 148.95 $96.95

Lakewood in Pine Bark Ankle Boots

Traveling or not, these are my favorite fall boots to wear around town! Cute, comfy, and warm, the Lakewood in Pine Bark Ankle Boots from OTBT Shoes are perfect for when the temperatures get chilly but you still want fashionable and functional footwear.

Waypoint Goods Infinity Scarf

Prices starting at $29.95

Waypoint Goods scarves at the Taj Mahal
My friend Erin and I both sporting Waypoint Goods scarves in India

This scarf is not just my favorite when traveling. I wear it all. the. time. Waypoint Goods scarves are super soft, high quality, and wrinkle resistant. My favorite part is the secret pocket where you can stash your passport, money, and anything else you’d like. It’s so big that I sometimes use it instead of a purse… I can easily fit my phone in there too!

Azerbaijani Socks

Starting at $22

Colorful wool knit socks with scatted pine cones for decoration sitting on brown suede. Great pandemic gifts for stationary travelers.

These socks, called jorab, have been a part of Azerbaijani culture for centuries. Azerbaijani Socks provides employment for women in rural Azerbaijan, where they hand knit each item from their homes, allowing them to earn income for their families. They are available in both adult and child sizes, and they have a variety of other cozy knit items as well besides just socks. They even have adorable mother and child matching sets!

Metal World Map Wall Art

Starting at $84.50

Metal world map wall art hanging above pink kitchenette

How adorable is this metal world map? This piece is the perfect addition to any travel lover’s home. They have tons of other wall art maps and travel-inspired products, so be sure to check out the whole MetalWorldMap shop as well.

GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle


White water bottle that is semi transparent so you can see the orange water filtration device on the bottom half.

With so many travelers shifting from round-the-world trips to exploring the outdoors in their own backyards, this GRAYL bottle is a great tool to have handy. It removes 99.9999% of viruses and disease-causing bacteria, so you can drink clean water whenever you have access to any water source.

Telic Apres-Ski Recovery Boot


Telic Apres Ski Recovery Boot

If you want your toes to be cozy and warm on a cold winder day, treat them to a pair of these. The Telic Apres-Ski Recovery Boot is lightweight (unlike some boots that weigh you down), and the fur at the top is super soft.


Starting at $25

Two Kiva gift cards inside a card. Great pandemic gifts for stationary travelers.

Through Kiva, you can lend as little as $25 to help a borrower achieve their goals — you’ll find everything from going to school to starting a business to accessing clean energy. You will then get paid back (they have a 97% repayment rate) and can reinvest those funds in another budding entrepreneur. This is especially important now with so many small businesses around the world struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. This is a pandemic gift that will keep on giving!

Read up on the full #littleBIGthings interview with Kiva for more details.

One Hope Wine

Starting at $20

Six assorted wine bottles from One Hope Wine. Good pandemic gifts for stationary travelers!

Travel may have come to a halt, but wine consumption is on the rise! For every bottle purchased from One Hope Wine, half of the proceeds go to their partner charities supporting causes such as clean water, global healthcare, childhood hunger, and breast cancer. Wine + a good cause = the perfect pandemic gift for travelers.



Allbirds Wool Runner Travel Gift Guide

These may always be one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes. Yes, I realize I’ve included a lot of footwear in this pandemic gift guide, but we all still have to wear shoes, right?! Then they all also double as great travel shoes when we are able to get out into the world again! Allbirds are made with superfine merino wool so they are breathable while also regulating temperature and wicking moisture. Plus they are easy to wash and are super flexible so they adjust well to my foot shape. I started out with one pair (the natural grey wool runners, shown above), and I ended up buying a second pair (the Kauri Coffee tree loungers) because I loved them so much!


Pandemic Gifts for Stationary Travelers 2021 Books to Read

My favorites from this year include:

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