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On The Road Again, Heading To NOLA!

Road Trip 2014

Although I would have loved to stay longer in Pigeon Forge, we had New Orleans ahead of us and I couldn’t be more excited! First, we had a few pit stops to make along the way. We stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee and ate at Urban Stack, which was delicious and very affordable. Make sure you get a milkshake to go with their amazing burgers if you eat there! Next, we stopped in Tuscaloosa at the University of Alabama. Such an awesome campus with massive buildings! Then we powered through the rest of our drive as great food, music, and more awaited us in NOLA!

Russell Hall Alabama Business Building Bryant-Denny Stadium

When we finally arrived in New Orleans, we checked into the hotel and headed straight into town to get some dinner. We ate at Cochon, which was a fantastic start to New Orleans dining. We of course had to order some fried alligator, which was my favorite at this restaurant out of all the fried alligator we ate. At Cochon, the alligator is served with a chili garlic mayonnaise sauce that tops off the dish. We also ordered the catfish courtbouillon which was another tasty dish. Satisfied by a delicious meal, we relaxed after our long day and prepared for another great day to come.

Alligator and Catfish

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