Last weekend I finally had the opportunity to experience the “south” of North America (other than Florida). March 21-23, 2013 I attended the American Marketing Association (AMA) Intercollegiate Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. We arrived nice and early on Thursday thanks to our 6am flight out of Chicago. Staying at The Sheraton where the conference was held was amazing and right in the middle of everything in the city.


View from the hotel room

We were all hungry when we got there so we walked around and found this amazing Mexican restaurant called Felipe’s. Such a delicious start to the trip.


On our way back from lunch we passed a gourmet apple shop called Mr. Apple. They had the biggest candy apples and other scrumptious treats that I have ever seen! Unfortunately we did not get anything since we were way too full after lunch.

IMG_2163 IMG_2165 IMG_2166

Soon it was time to return to the hotel and begin the conference. It was great getting to know some other AMA members from different collages. That night we had the opportunity to hear the first keynote address by Jeffrey Hayzlett. It was very inspiring to hear him speak about how individuals can take control of change and make change something that will be beneficial.


That night we decided to venture out to Bourbon Street. We stopped to get pizza at a corner shop where they had plenty of alcoholic slushy machines, and plenty of people walking the streets!

IMG_2180 IMG_2190

Check back tomorrow to hear about tasty beignets, fried alligator, and more about the conference!

Little Matters,


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