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The 3 Things All Harry Potter Fans Must Do In London

Hogwarts Express The Making of Harry Potter

When in London…. do all the Harry Potter things! Don’t get me wrong, there are an abundance of things to do in London to really get to know the culture and history of this popular hub. For a Harry Potter fan like me, there is nothing better than escaping to the wizarding world to make the most of your time in London. Get started on your magical journey with a few of my favorite Harry Potter things to do in London.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

The Making of Harry Potter WB Studio Tour London

My all-time favorite is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. This entire studio tour is dedicated to the making of Harry Potter. It goes behind the scenes into detail on the creation of the movies, complete with real sets and props and even interactive exhibits like getting to fly with a broomstick or practicing your wand skills.

Magic Broomstick WB Studio Tour London - Harry Potter Things to do in London

Don’t mind me, I’m just practicing.

Depending on how enthusiastic you are, you could spend an entire day here, so plan accordingly. I have already been twice and I would visit again in a heartbeat should the opportunity arise. In fact, I love this tour so much that I even wrote an entire post about it. Check it out for the full scoop.

Quick Tip

The studio tour has grown significantly in popularity since I first visited back in 2012. If you have the flexibility, plan your trip during off season for smaller crowds and lower prices (check their ticket pricing calendar on their website — look out for “saver tickets” for the best rates). Be sure to buy tickets in advance as you cannot buy them at the door.


Tour for Muggles

Tour for Muggles - Harry Potter Things to do in London

This little alleyway, Goodwin’s Court, was the inspiration for Knockturn Alley. They tried to film here for the movies but the crew wasn’t able to get their equipment through since it was so narrow.

To find a little magic in the heart of London, the Tour for Muggles is for you. The tour is led by a wizarding expert, who will reveal Harry Potter filming locations and places that inspired JK Rowling. The one exception that won’t be covered is Platform 9 ¾, since it’s so easy to visit on your own. More on that below.

Harry Potter Things to do in London Tour for Muggles

Do you recognize this filming location? It’s from Deathly Hollows Part 1 where Harry, Ron, and Hermione transform into three ministry workers to get into the Ministry of Magic.

The tour lasts about two and a half hours, and will leave your brain full of interesting facts that even the biggest Harry Potter fans may not have known. I won’t spoil them for you… you’ll have to join the tour to discover them for yourself!

Quick Tip
Make sure you have a valid oyster card as you will be traveling on the tube for part of the tour. There is also a substantial amount of walking, mostly outside, so dress accordingly.


Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station

Harry Potter Things to Do in London - Platform 9 3:4

From my London trip back in 2012. It’s not so easy to do this anymore!

Let me reminisce about the good old days for just a moment… there used to be a time when Harry Potter fans were able to walk right up to Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station and have a friend snap a quick photo. Those days are no more. Not too long after I visited for the first time, they opened up a Harry Potter shop right next door and their staff now takes professional photos during their business hours if you want them.

Platform 9 3/4 WB Studio Tour London - Harry Potter Things to do in London

Platform 9 ¾ at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Granted, it looks much cooler now as they added a much more realistic trolley that actually has some luggage on it and you can use some props from the store (like a scarf that makes it look like you’re running through the wall to get to Hogwarts). Which is why, for those who are big fans, it’s still worth the trip there. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it through and end up at Hogwarts!

Quick Tip
Continuing the trend, this is also insanely more crowded than it was when I first visited in 2012. Try and get there early to avoid long lines to get your photo taken. Alternatively, you could skip it all together and take a photo at the much less crowded version that was recently added at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.


Is it just me, or is anyone else ready for a Harry Potter marathon? You better believe I had one right before my trip to London! While these are just a few of my favorite Harry Potter hot spots in London, there are plenty more magical sights to be seen in the city.


What are your favorite Harry Potter things to do in London? Share them in the comments below! 


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Special thanks to WB Studios London for making my studio tour experience possible. All opinions are my own.


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