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Day 12: London

May 27th was a much more chill day, but still fun of course. I got to see my first real rugby game ever! We headed to Twickenham Stadium to watch England vs. Barbarians. It was a cool game to see because the Barbarians are composed of players from all over, not just one country, that are invited to play. When we got off the train we had to walk a few blocks to get to the stadium. The entire area was blocked off from traffic and loaded with people all the way up to the stadium.

Heading to the rugby game!

The rugby game was so much fun. It is very similar to American football, but even better (I think). I still don’t know very many of the rules, but I had the basics down and I still loved it. I wish there was more rugby played in America, everyone is missing out!

England vs. Barbarians

Group picture at the rugby game!

Most of us wore black to cheer for the Barbarians, but England took the victory 57-26. Either way, we still had a great time! After the game we took a picture with the statue outside of the stadium, where the guy we had take the picture insisted that we do our best rugby pose.

Twickenham Stadium

We headed back after the game on our long trip back to the flats where we had some dinner and got ready for the night. We decided to go to Piccadilly Circus, which was not really all that great.. We were pretty much all hugging our purses the entire time we were there.. not exactly the safest place to wander at night.

Piccadilly Circus

We attempted to explore, but we obviously did not spend very much time there. On our way back we got off at King’s Cross Station and took an adorable group picture at platform 9 3/4. We’re all off to Hogwarts!

Platform 9 3/4

One of my favorite days is coming up tomorrow… Harry Potter fans be prepared!!

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