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7 Items to Have in Your Bag for a Day of Sightseeing

It’s a great feeling when you reach your destination and have an itinerary that is bursting with activities, events, and all the things you want to see and do. Sightseeing helps to get my bearings and even scope out new restaurants or areas to explore later during my trip.

However, when you have limited time in your destination, the last thing you want is to waste time going back to your room because you forgot something. So I’ve summed up this list of 7 items you should always have in your day bag so you’re ready for a full day of sightseeing.


Sunglasses for Travel

You can’t be expected to take in the sights when you’re squinting the whole time. Keep your sunglasses are in your day bag so they are readily accessible at all times. If you’re looking for a new pair of stylish sunglasses to take on your travels then check out these black sunglasses from eyebuydirect. You’ll have a much more enjoyable day of sightseeing if you’re not squinting in the sun all day.

Cash & a Safe Place to Store It

Waypoint Goods scarves at the Taj Mahal

My friend Erin and I both sporting Waypoint Goods scarves in India

While most places now readily accept credit cards, it’s always best to be on the safe side and carry some cash in the local currency just in case. Depending on how safe you feel at your destination you may prefer to have your money stored in a money belt or inside a secret pocket of your clothing rather than in your bag. I’m a huge fan of Waypoint Goods scarves, which come with hidden zipper pockets that are large enough not just for cash but also for your entire wallet and even your phone too!


Who knows when those hunger pangs might strike? Having a small supply of snacks on you can prevent hangry outbursts, especially if your tour takes you through a foodie district! Fruit, crackers, nuts, and granola bars won’t take up much room and will keep hunger at bay.

A Reusable Water Bottle

GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle - Travel Gift Guide

I never travel anywhere without a reusable water bottle. It helps keep me hydrated but also prevents waste from using single use plastic water bottles. If you are traveling to a place that doesn’t have easy access to safe drinking water, I always bring my GRAYL bottle along. It removes 99.9999% of viruses and disease-causing bacteria, so you can drink clean water whenever you have access to any water source and you don’t have to waste money or plastic by purchasing new bottles.

A Scarf

I love a good, lightweight scarf that can also be used as a shawl if it starts to get chilly. It’s much easier to carry around than a jacket is if it’s not quite that cold out yet. My Waypoint Goods scarf doubles as an extra layer and a way to store my personal items like my wallet and phone!

The Name and Address of Your Hotel

You may be using your phone to help guide you around, but if the battery dies do you know how to get back? Make sure you have the name and address of your accommodation so you can show it to someone who may be able to help you if needed. Many hotels may even have a business card or brochure that you can take with you!

A Power Bank

Portable Charger for Travel

My phone is always dying on me while I’m traveling. It’s hard to keep that battery full when I’m taking pictures and using the GPS all day! That’s why I make sure to have some sort of portable charger with me when I know I’ll be out on the town for the full day.


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