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The 2019 Travel Gift Guide

The 2019 Travel Gift Guide

Another year, another gift travel guide! For 2019, some of my favorites have returned to the list, but I’ve also added some additional gifts that I’ve been gushing over lately. You’ll find everything from fun to practical to unique for all the travel lovers in your life. Dive right in and get ready to perfect your gift guide this year!



Allbirds Wool Runner Travel Gift Guide

Allbirds are my latest obsession. They are made with superfine merino wool making them breathable while also regulating temperature and wicking moisture. They are super flexible so they adjust well to my foot shape, and they are comfortable to wear with or without socks. Plus, you can just throw them in the washing machine on gentle in a delicates bag for a quick and easy wash, and then air dry! Allbirds is so confident you will love your new shoes that they even offer a 30-day, no questions asked refund policy. I purchased one pair (the natural grey wool runners, shown above) just to give them a try, and they are now my go-to travel shoes. I even bought a second pair (the Kauri Coffee tree loungers) because I loved them so much!

Push Pin Travel Map

Prices starting at $159.99

Travel Must Have - Push Pin Travel Maps

It seems like Push Pin Travel Maps were made for being the perfect living room focal piece. These maps are beautifully crafted and arrive with a hanging kit already installed. The personalization options seem to be limitless, as you can pick from different map styles, pin colors, frames, and even customize the map with your name and a quote of your choosing. I really love the pin legend, which you can also personalize, with categories such as Past Travels, Future Travels, and Bucket List like I chose. To top it all off, the map makes for one of the best conversation starters when guests are visiting!

Read my full review for more details on why every traveler needs a Push Pin Travel Map.

Tinggly Experience Gift Boxes

Prices starting at $79

Tinggly - Travel Gift Guide

Whenever I have the option, I always select experiences instead of material goods. In fact, Brandon and I don’t give each other gifts for our birthdays or the holidays anymore. Instead, we always take some sort of trip or even just an experience as a tourist in our own town. But how can you actually “gift” an experience? And what if they don’t like it?

Introducing Tinggly, your one stop shop for just about any experience you can dream up! You don’t even need to choose the specific experience — that’s for the recipient to decide! They get to pick from hundreds of different experiences in over 100 countries. Plus, they have five whole years to book so they’ll have plenty of time to plan the perfect experience. They have a variety of gift boxes to choose from, so you can find an option that best suits the recipient and occasion. It’s hard to top a gift where the recipient can choose their dream experience!

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader Travelers Gift Guide

As a diehard paperback lover, I have converted to the dark side and am now an active Kindle user. The best part about my Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is how much smaller and lighter it is than carrying around one or more books while traveling. The greatest reading luxury while traveling is being able to finish one book and jump right into the next without needing to pull out another hard copy book. I’m also one of those people who is usually reading multiple books at one time, so it works great for that purpose as well. The cherry on top? The battery life on these things is incredibly long.

Mini Portable Fan


Mini Portable Fan - Travel Gift Guide

This tiny but powerful fan changed everything I thought I knew about traveling to hot destinations. I used this fan religiously when traveling through Cuba, and I plan to bring it along to India as well. It was a game changer in that Caribbean heat! Plus, it’s so tiny that it is extra easy to carry around with you. This one happens to be for an iPhone but there are other versions you should be able to find to adapt to your specific phone.

GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle

GRAYL Water Purifier Bottle - Travel Gift Guide

This water bottle has been a lifesaver when traveling to places where I can’t drink the water. I took my GRAYL bottle with me most recently to Cuba and Nepal, and plan on bringing it with me to India next year as well. It removes 99.9999% of viruses and disease-causing bacteria, so you can drink clean water whenever you have access to any water source and you don’t have to waste money or plastic by purchasing new bottles.


Prices starting at €50

I’m already a fan of maps in general, but the high amount of detail and sleek design of the products at Mapiful are on a whole other level! From Paris to Dubai to Singapore, there are all kinds of destinations to choose from. There is no place too small, since Mapiful allows you to create custom maps for any city you’d like!

Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses

$22.95 for a set of two

Etched Globe Whiskey Glasses - Travel Gift Guide

I’m a big fan of whiskey, so when that’s combined with my love of travel I’m sold. These whiskey glasses are the perfect gift for the whiskey loving traveler. A world map is etched into the glasses for an extra special touch instead of just plain glasses.

Airportag Passport Covers

Prices starting at $29.90

Travel Gift Guide - Airportag Passport Covers

Another year, and another Airportag product! If you’re looking for fun and unique travel swag, Airportag has you covered. They have way more than just passport covers. You can find everything from duffel bags to mugs to throw pillows, and so much more!

DELSEY Montmartre Carry On Suitcase


Travelers Gift Guide DELSEY Montmartre Carry On Suitcase

Ah, my trusty DELSEY carry-on bag. This bag comes with me nearly every time I travel. It has four double spinner wheels for extreme ease of navigation through the airport, and for safety it has a built-in TSA-accepted lock. My favorite part of the DELSEY Montmarte Carry On Suitcase is that it’s expandable up to two inches. I almost always return home with more in my suitcase than when I left, so this comes in handy pretty frequently!


Prices starting at $99.99

DELSEY MONTMARTRE+ Personal Tote - Best Travel Tote Bag

This laptop bag is the perfect conference bag that is always by my side when I’m traveling for work. It slides easily over the handle of your luggage so your shoulder isn’t sore by the time to get to the gate. Plus, the DELSEY MONTMARTRE+ Personal Tote looks professional for you to bring along to your conference or business meeting. Read my full review for more fab features of this tote.

Universal Travel Adaptor


Universal Travel Adaptor - Travelers Gift GuideThis lifesaver comes with me on all my international trips, and the best part is that it’s lightweight and not that large. The thing I especially love about this travel adaptor is the two USB ports it has on the side. So you could charge up to three devices at the same time with this one adaptor! Always be sure to check that it’s compatible with your destination as certain remote countries might have a unique outlet.

Awaken the Peace Bracelet

Prices starting at $65

Awaken the Peace Bracelet

The jewelry from Awaken the Peace is more than just jewelry. Created by gemologist Katie Beckley, they call themselves “wearable wellness.” They are made up of precious gemstones, rare minerals, and fine metals that work together to increase stability, strength, inner balance, and awareness all while boosting internal vibrations. There are bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and more to choose from. No matter what you select, Awaken the Peace jewelry will regularly serve as your reminder of mindful living. In addition, through the Compassion Project they contribute a portion of the proceeds toward covering the cost of rescuing dogs from a kill shelter.


Prices range from $1-12

Books of 2018 Travel Gift Guide

Last but not least, my favorite reads from 2018. The books that topped my list this year are:

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2019 Travel Gift Guide

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