A Closer Look At Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a vibrant city full of art, design, wine, classical music, rich cuisine, and much more. Dive into the pieces of culture that make up Vienna’s way of life in the newly launched YouTube series VIENNA / NOW.

Along with your host, Chris Cummins, each video in the series focuses on a special aspect of life in Vienna. He will even go over the most important Viennese expressions that you should know before visiting – the perfect way to prepare before a trip to Austria! Get started with the first video where you will meet Chris and get a sneak peek into what will be covered in upcoming videos.

If you love discovering new parts of famous cities and interesting facts about their history and culture, this video series is the next best thing to actually visiting in person! Chris will transport you through the videos to the charm and beauty of the city he also fell in love with.

Did you know Vienna is the only city capital to produce significant amounts of wine within the city limits? Or that the classic film-noir “The Third Man” was shot in Vienna in 1948? Learn about these topics and plenty more as Chris uncovers all different parts of the intriguing city of Vienna.

Chris Cummins host of VIENNA NOW

Chris Cummins, host of VIENNA / NOW

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